Sunil Negi
The unfortunate n most tragic death of more than twenty three children hailing from the poor n the down trodden strata of the society in Gorakhpur Hospital, coming under the straight jurisdiction of the chief minister of UP Adityanath due to oxygen shortage n dreaded enchephalitis as being given to understand is the hugest lack on the part of the hospital authorities n the state health administration n unambiguously speaks of the fact, how complacent n ignorant is the corrupt political system of the state. This is not the first time that children of the poor strata of the society have died due to the deliberate lack of the corrupt n inefficient officials but in the past too such unfortunate deaths have been taking place but of no avail.

Uttar Pradesh have also been witnessed to the massive health scam in the history of out country few years ago when hundreds of thousands of Rupees were cladestinely siphoned off from the public exchequer n several doctors n chief medical officers were murdered to sideline the issue. But since in India corruption has assumed a status of a daily affair scams of worth thousand of crores also get washed out from peoples’ memory shortly n tragic incidents like that of Gorakhpur are repeated to the utter dismay n shock of the countrymen.

Now, since the tragedy has occured the game of passing the buck has started as usual n the minister concerned and even the chief minister is saying that it was not the lack of oxygen, the life saving gas but the dreaded encephalitis which took the tall. Shame. The government of the state should give up the passing of buck on others n instead enquire the whole mishappening most honestly n impartially n ensure that the guilty officials n persons are not spared at any cost.

However, morality demands that the chief minister of UP n the health minister concerned should have taken the responsibilty for such a huge blunder n lapse on their heads nresigned outrightly sending a message of political morality n decency across. There was a timewhen Lal Bahadur Shastri the then railway minister resigned on account of a train accident but sadly today his grandson who leads the health ministry in UP has no decency to express morality by resigning as his grandfather exhibited then while he was the Indian railway minister but is busy in passing the buck on others to safeguard his skin. This is really undesirable n against humanity. What do u say friends?

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