Sunil Negi

How will India confront the dragons after all? Extremely dangerous n virulent than a snake n back stabber as a coward, expansionist n hegemonous China has once again gone to the lowest level of behaving like goons when its Peoples’ Liberation Army troopers yesterday i.e. on 15th August, India’s 71st Independence day clandestinely n forcibly tried to arbitrarily intrude into the Indian territory few kilometres inside the 140 kilometere long Pangong Lake in Ladakh n after attacking Indian soldiers with rods later on hit them with stone pelting injuring few of them to the utter dismay, shock n surprise of India n the entire global community.

However, the brave, courageous n patrotic Indian soldiers physically confronted n pushed them back but got injured. This is not the first time that the notorious dragon has committed this deliberate blunder but had been doing it in the past as well. On June 15 it illegally n arbitrarily intruded in the Bhutanese territory while constructing a road at the Bhutan, Sikkim n Tibet tri Junction posing direct threat to Bhutan n India’s north eastern corridor resisted by Indian Army n on 26th July it also tresspassed into the Barahoti area of Chamoli district of Garhwal, Uttarakhand for the second time in a year.

It also unsuccesfully tried to enter into Ladhak while the Chinese President Xi Jingping was the chief state guest of India dining n deliberating with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat n New Delhi. The ill concieved notions n ill designs of expansionist China right from South China sea incursions to intrusions in Indian borders in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh and Barahoti Uttarakhand to funding of Pak terrorists creating trouble n instability in border areas of J& K killing several Indian Jawans n civilians to pronouncing Pakistan as its best ever ally as strong as steel n trusted as a sweet honey friend, unamiguously speak of the fact that the dragon has finally made up its mind to militarily attack India in the near future by way of keeping it entangled in petty border skirmishes n confusion.

The recent cheap cowardice tactics of Chinese soldiers by using iron rods n pelting stones to physically injure Indian soldiers in Pangong lake area at finger 2, 3 n 4 areas is another such attempt to demoralise India n convey the leadership in New Delhi that Indian army’s attempt to come at the rescue of its permanent Himalayan ally Bhutan in the context of Doklam issue n confronting the dragons directly has not been taken lightly but extremely seriously by them n that it ( China) will continue to play havoc with Indian army at various border points to make our life hell n of constant tension. India on the other hand has taken it too seriously in all earnestness n has bluntly refused to withdraw from Doklam, come what may despite China’s open n direct threat of war with India in case it does not relent, through its various official organs, especially the Global times.

It may be recalled that the 140 kilometre long Pangong Lake in ladakh divides the boundaries of China n india where India has the official claim up to 40 kilometre lake whereas China is controlling rest of the vast area. The dragons has built road up to finger eight where as India has constructed road up to finger 2, 3 n uses on foot trekking till finger 4 n ahead. The recent meeting between the national security advisor of India Ajit Doval n his Chinese counter part n Chinese President Xi jingping on the side lines of BRICS SUMMIT has not been able to accompany any credible n desired results as the latter was adamant to seek India’s complete pull out from Doklam as a precondition for future conciliatory talks. What do u say friends?

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